We are market leaders

RDS is a dynamically developing transparent public company. It is one of the top 3 leaders in the road construction industry.

Introduces new technologies and invests in modern equipment.

People are the key value of the company.

Trust in the brand is built on the reputation of the owners and a strong team.

Our product

High-quality comfortable roads that give freedom of movement to all Ukrainians.

Company culture

It is based on democratic approaches - horizontal connections come to the fore in internal communications. The company offers a decent timely remuneration for skilled work.

Our team

Strong professionals with a high level of qualification, which allows them to find optimal solutions in the most difficult conditions.

There is a long-term system of staff training, including abroad.

Strong leaders

Are the bearers of the company's values. They are open and take an active part in the life of the company

People are the main thing
company value

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All RDS employees are industry professionals who are passionate about their favorite business. The company's team already has more than 2,400 employees in 13 regions of Ukraine

Great opportunities for career growth

More than half of our managers joined the company immediately after graduation.

Official employment

The company complies with all the requirements of labor legislation of Ukraine (official registration, leave, sick leave)

Comfortable working conditions

Delivery by corporate transport, hot lunches

Professional development

We encourage the desire of employees to develop skills by paying for specialized training and obtaining specialized certificates

High salaries

Annual salary review

Respect for personal time

We maintain a balance of work and leisure because we are interested in the productivity of the specialist, not in the amount of time spent in the workplace