We continue overhaul of 2.5 km of the road on the Kulzhenko Family Street in Kiev. 

As part of the overhaul, they have already completed the installation of a two-layer base, the installation of a new granite bead stone (1GP) with a length of 5 thousand linear meters. The geogrid was laid.

Of the planned three layers of pavement, two were completely laid. Now the workers have begun to install the third top layer of asphalt concrete pavement. 

The width of the carriageway is 15 meters, it is 4 lanes.

Also, a complete replacement of rain sewers has already been completed, sidewalks made of asphalt concrete are equipped. A new modern outdoor lighting system has been installed.

After the installation of the top layer of the coating, road markings will be applied with cold plastic and new road signs will be installed.

We plan to hand over the object before the end of August.

Капитальный ремонт ул. Семьи Кульженко (бывш. Дегтяренко)

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