Within the framework of the current average repair of a public highway of local importance O-02-03-05 Voronovitsa-Tyvrov-Shargorod km 1 + 000 - km 4 + 049 we will repair a section with a length of 3.049 km (Voronovitsa - Kalnyshivka village) in the Vinnitsa region .

Until now, on this highway, there was a cobblestone pavement built back in the 40s. Periodically patching was carried out. But the condition of the road was already in need of repair. The new road surface will be from asphalt concrete.

Проектом предусмотрено  выполнение работ по расширению проезжей части дороги, укреплению обочин и увелечению ширины полосы движения. 

Уже окончены работы по устройству выравнивающих слоёв основания дорожной одежды. С каждой стороны  расширили дорогу на 0,5 м.

Now road builders are building a lower 10-centimeter layer of pavement. The work has already been completed on 1 km of the road.

Next week we plan to start the construction of the upper 5-centimeter layer of asphalt concrete.

The work is carried out according to the schedule. We plan to finish the repair before the end of August this year.

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