Last week, we started the current average repair on the section km 96 + 000 - km 98 + 000 of the state-owned public highway N-16 Zolotonosha-Cherkassy-Smela-Uman in the Shpolyansky district of Cherkasy region.

The project provides for strengthening the foundation of pavement, reinforcing roadsides, and arranging the leveling and upper layers of asphalt concrete. A new road marking made of cold plastic will also be applied, new road signs and a barrier fence will be installed.

Road builders have already completed the milling of the old pavement at 2 kilometers of the road. 


Work is underway to eliminate abysses. To avoid the formation of abysses, drainage systems for water disposal will be installed.

Recall that not so long ago we completed repairs on the section km 106 + 000 - km 111 + 000 of this road.

The condition of the roadway on the section km 106 + 000 - km 111 + 000 before and after repair work

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