31 июля аэропорт города Черкасс приехал проинспектировать президент Владимир Зеленский. 

The meeting was attended by Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Alexey Goncharuk, State Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Galushchak, Head of Rostdorstroy Yuriy Shumacher and Director of Cherkasy Airport Ivan Dalibozhak.

At the meeting, the progress of the construction of the runway was discussed. Upcoming construction of the apron, taxiways and a new terminal. 

The airport has existed since 1984. It was an international airport that served up to 80 flights per day. In 2001, he stopped taking flights. 

In June 2017, it was decided to reconstruct the airport. They decided to begin work on the restoration of the airfield complex with the repair of the runway.

The tender for the overhaul of the artificial runway was won by Rostdorstroy.

In 2018, our company began work. 

Vladimir Zelensky watched the progress of the work. 

During this period, more than 106 thousand 980 square meters of the existing asphalt concrete pavement were dismantled. The work on the regeneration of structural layers of pavement was completed, 2 layers of asphalt concrete pavement with reinforced mesh reinforcement were arranged. To date, the readiness of the strip is 43%.

There are still a lot of processes ahead and more than 45 specialists of our company are continuously working on the reconstruction of the strip. 

“We want Cherkassy to have an airport,” Vladimir Zelensky emphasized.

The construction of an international airport in Cherkasy is a very important project for the development of the tourism industry throughout Ukraine.

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