The Kyivshlyakhbud Company has completed the overhaul of Alma-Atinskaya Street in the Dnipro district of the city of Kiev.

This street has not been repaired since 1965. In 2018, a major overhaul plan was approved and the company's specialists began work.

It was a large-scale project. The length of the street is 3.6 km. 

In the course of the work, the old roadbed was completely dismantled and replaced with a new three-layer asphalt concrete pavement, and the sidewalks were tiled.  

The project also provided for the replacement of engineering networks. Were replaced by heat supply networks and drainage networks. Equipped rainwater drainage. Installed energy-saving LED lighting.

They reconstructed the tram tracks and restored the contact network of the tram.

Established guiding pedestrian fencing, made a complete replacement of curbs.

The final stage was the application of road markings, the installation of road signs and new traffic lights.

 We have repaired 53 thousand square meters of pavement.

photo: Andrey Shmatov

photo: Andrey Shmatov

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