In Odessa, "Rostdorstroy" will repair the intersection of Myasoedovskaya and Prokhorovskaya. For the first time, they will replace the tramway with innovative Czech technology.

The uniqueness of this technology lies in the fact that a ballastless track with a concrete base, which guarantees a stable position of the track and requires only minor maintenance costs, will be used as the construction of the superstructure.

And for passengers, this will ensure a smooth, quiet ride without sudden jolts and will minimize mechanical noise.

 The project provides for the replacement of the destroyed tramway and the replacement of the roadway. As well as the repair of sidewalks and the arrangement of ramps.

“The throughput of the intersection depends, among other things, on its technical condition,” said Andrei Sandul, deputy head of the city’s Road Administration.

Andrei Sandul also cites the example of the intersection at 5 stations of the Big Fountain, where 3-5 cars crossed the green light at the intersection before the overhaul, and after repair the throughput increased to 14-16.

The last time on this site replacement sleepers was made in 1984.

Many European countries, in particular the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, have long ago made their choice in favor of the use of modern noise insulation technologies for tram tracks.

In April 2016, the conference "Modern technologies for the construction of tram and railway tracks" was held with the participation of representatives of the Czech Republic, Odessa city authorities and representatives of relevant services from many cities of Ukraine. After the conference, it was decided to modernize the tram tracks with the involvement of Czech technologies of the ballastless tramway.

   In 2017, the State Enterprise “Research and Development Institute for Municipal Economy” developed design documentation using the tram-free ballast track. Developed technical conditions TU 42.1-35768704-001: 2017 "Track track-free ballast system BRENS»And agreed with the State Service of Ukraine on labor issues, the State Labor Department in the Odessa region, the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine, the State Enterprise“ Ukrainian Research Institute of Transport Medicine ”and PROKOPRAIL, as (Czech Republic).

On June 19, the intersection was closed and preparatory work began.

To implement the project, a group of Czech engineers led by the developer of this technology, Jan Eisenreich, was invited, who, together with the Rostdorstroy team, completed the construction of a concrete foundation and installation of new tram tracks in one week. 

We want to emphasize that this is a very short time for such work. That is, the advantage of this technology is the ease of installation and operation, as well as repair and maintenance.

Now the curbstone is being installed at the intersection and preparation for milling the old road surface. Then will be laying asphalt concrete. 

It is planned to complete the repair of the intersection before September 1.

This is the first experience in Ukraine of replacing tram tracks in this way.  

The Rostdorstroy team is pleased to apply new modern technologies and create roads of European quality.

The company "Rostdorstroy" repairs the intersection of Prokhorov and Myasoedovsk in Odessa

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