March 23, 2019, work began on the current average repair of the M-12 “Stryi-Ternopol-Kropyvnytskyi-Znamenka” highway through the city of Vinnitsa.

Work is carried out on the section km 423 + 8 - km 428 + 826.

An old asphalt concrete pavement with a depth of 9 cm was milled at the site.

Then the road builders started to update the pavement. Made a device of a two-layer base in the broadening rover from ShchPS S-5 (26 cm) and from ShchPS S-7 (15cm).

For the device of the lower layer of the base was used the method of regeneration. The milled asphalt concrete was mixed with cement, organic-mineral mixtures, rubble and bitumen emulsion. 

This process took place on the Italian soil-mixing plant Marini, which is located on the production base of our company in the Vinnitsa region.

After the rollers compacted with a 15-centimeter lower base layer, the road builders set about arranging a 10-centimeter leveling layer of the base made of coarse-grained asphalt type A concrete. 

The next stage was the installation of a coating of stone mastic asphalt concrete (SCHMA-20), a layer of 5 cm. This is the best material for busy roads.

Also, work was carried out on the device congresses, sidewalks and installed road curbs.

Now the company's specialists have started the final improvement works. 5 new bus stops, new road signs will be installed. A barrier has been installed and road markings have been applied.

Work on this site are on schedule and the object will be handed over soon.

Thus, for 3 months the company "Rostdorstroy" repaired 5 km of the road.


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