The company "Rostdorstroy" conducts a major overhaul on the section of the N-14 "Aleksandrovka-Kropyvnytsky-Nikolaev" highway of public use km 165 + 000 - km 172 + 000

In February of this year, during the Government meeting, the Acting Chairman of the State Road Agency of Ukraine, Slawomir Novak, said in his address: “We are starting an overhaul in the Nikolaev region. In fact, this is a new construction of a concrete road, because, unfortunately, there is nothing to repair here. ”

Concrete roads become the main type of trunk roads, as they have a longer service life and are more environmentally friendly.

Despite the fact that the initial cost of the cement concrete pavement is higher than that of the asphalted pavement, the cement concrete road becomes cheaper over time. 

This is influenced by the fact that asphalt concrete road needs to be repaired after 2-3 years, while cement concrete paving does not require any maintenance for the first 10 years.

Repair work the company "Rostdorstroy" began April 19, 2019. Planned reconstruction of 7 km of pavement.

The project provides for the installation of pavement 18 cm of cement reinforced concrete scrap, with a total area of 73,668 square meters. 

The device of cement concrete pavement with a height of 26 cm. The area of the cement concrete pavement will be 59668 square meters.

On the site are working on the device shoulders. Already made the device drainage layer of screenings. Also, 8,800 square meters (out of 35,000 planned) foundations were built of cement-sheet 0 x 40 reinforced with cement on the roadsides.

In order to meet the repair needs of this section of the road, a production base was built near the object. The Italian soil-mixing plant Marini and the concrete-mixing plant LiebherrTypeBetomix4, with a capacity of 160 cubic meters of concrete per hour, are installed. And also acquired modern German paver Wirtgen, with a width of concrete laying up to 12 meters.

Specialists of our company are confident that the future is exactly on concrete roads.

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