Since 2016, Rostdorstroy has won more than 15 tenders for the repair of certain sections of the state-owned public road M-15 Odesa-Reni. 

The length of the road M-15 "Odessa - Reni" is 289.4 km. It connects Ukraine with Romania and is part of the European Transport Corridor. 

The M-15 route passes through the territory of nine districts of the Odessa region, as well as through the territory of Moldova.

Also, as part of the repair and reconstruction of the highway, a bypass road was built around Reni.

The method used was the regeneration of the existing pavement by 22 cm. Restoring the pavement base was carried out using the “cold recycling” technology.  

A two-layer asphalt concrete pavement was produced, 15 cm thick. 


We supplied inert materials and asphalt concrete mix from the production base of our company.

We carried out constant control over the quality of materials in our laboratories.

Also, as part of the repair works, sidewalks and entrances to courtyards were equipped. Installed barrier fences and bus complexes. New traffic signs and signal posts have been installed to ensure road safety. Road markings are applied.

At the moment, in 2 areas there is an installation of autonomous lighting, which will work on solar batteries.

Now the M-15 has become a modern two-lane road, which is 9 meters wide. This is part of the European corridor E87 Odessa - Constanta - Izmir - Antalya.

Thus, since 2016, Rostdorstroy has repaired more than 80 km of the road.

We are proud to have participated in one of the largest projects in the last 10 years in all of Ukraine!

We are always open for cooperation.
and welcome to new interesting projects.

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