During 2017-2018, projects were developed to repair the ten most destroyed sections of the P-33, which is almost 112 km of the road. R-33 route of national importance (Vinnitsa - Turbiv - Gaisin - Balta - Podolsk - Great Mikhailovka - Kuchurhan). This road connects the six northern regions of Odessa region.

The company "Rostdorstroy" will repair 3.8 km of the road on sections 382 km 386. On March 7, work began. Repair work began with geodetic marking, milling and dismantling of the old pavement, planning roadsides.

Now there is a device base pavement. 1.5 km of rubble-sand mixture 15 cm thick have already been filled. Pavement works are ahead. The lower pavement layer will be made of coarse-grained asphalt materials.

Top layer of crushed stone-mastic asphalt. This material was not chosen in vain, it is highly durable and suitable for heavily loaded highways.

Works on curbs, curbs, ramps, road signs and road markings will also be performed. The object is scheduled to pass at the end of 2019.



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