The company "Rostdorstroy" continues repair work on the highway of international importance H-14 Aleksandrovka-Kropivnitsky-Nikolaev in the area of km 84 - km 103.

The total length of the site is 19 km. 

In 2018, the company laid 10 km of the road, this year there will be another 9 km.

In March, with improved weather conditions, work was resumed. 

According to the plan, this year a number of works are to be performed on the regeneration and strengthening of the structural layers, the device of the leveling layer of coarse-grained asphalt concrete and the top layer of crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete. Also strengthen the curb, update road signs and mark up.

Now workers are already engaged in the device leveling 10-centimeter layer of asphalt concrete. In parallel, expand and strengthen the shoulders and lead strip.

Asphalt for the object "Rostdorstroy" produces on the modern German asphalt concrete plant Benninghoven. One of the most powerful asphalt plants in Ukraine, with a capacity of 320 tons per hour.

About 15 units of equipment and 30 trucks are involved in the object.

It is planned to complete maintenance repairs in Q2 2019.

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