On June 27, 2019, a contract was signed with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), within the framework of the project “The Second Project for Improving Roads and Traffic Safety”, for overhaul of the M-03 Kiev-Kharkov-Dovzhansky highway. The amount of the contract was 12,290,265.08 US dollars.

On September 5, Rostdorstroy received a warrant for the right to perform work. 

And on September 12, 2019, a meeting was held with the participation of representatives of the IBRD, the Ukravtodor customer, the Engineer Service of the joint venture Temelsu International Engineering Services Inc. and LLC FBM Ukraine "and the Contractor LLC" Rostdorstroy ".

As part of the meeting, the commission conducted an inspection of the production bases of Rostdorstroy, located next to the M-03 highway, got acquainted with the areas of upcoming work.

The meeting discussed the status of preparatory work, the process of mobilizing personnel and equipment of Rostdorstroy. 

The total length of the site where the work will take place is 26 km 650 m.

Section km 300 + 550 - km 323 + 000; km 329 + 050 - km 333 + 250.

According to the project, excavation work will be carried out, pavement device, drainage device, construction of car pavilions, road marking, installation of road signs and barrier fencing will be carried out. Eight artificial structures will also be built and repaired, including the construction of a tunnel overpass and an elevated pedestrian bridge, repair of 2 bridges, completion of the cattle drive and 3 underground passages. They will replace electric and gas supply networks, equip outdoor lighting, recreation sites and carry out a set of works on the installation of road weather stations.

The project must be completed within 245 days.

Recall that in August 2016 Ukravtodor terminated the contract with the Italian company Todini Costruzioni Generali SpА, which was involved in the construction of this road. Then the project was continued by the Chinese company Xinjiang Communications construction Group Co., Ltd., but in October 2018 the contract with the contractor was also terminated.

The customer is Ukravtodor.

For Rostdorstroy, this is the first experience of cooperation with the World Bank. This is a strategically important project for us. Thanks to which we will bring the domestic road industry to a whole new level for Ukraine. All production forces have been mobilized and we are ready to start work. 

We are always open for cooperation.
and welcome to new interesting projects.

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