In June 2019, the Rostdorstroy company began repair work at the intersection of Myasoedovskaya and Prokhorovskaya streets. 

intersection of Myasoedovskaya and Prokhorovskaya

The facility was commissioned ahead of schedule.

The main goal was to increase the capacity of the intersection.

During the repair, the tramway was replaced using innovative technology. Czech engineers were invited to carry out these works, who together with Rostdorstroy specialists completed the installation of tram tracks in one week.

At the rail site, the thickness of 2 layers of crushed stone base was 20 cm, then a reinforced mesh was laid, sleepers and a monolithic concrete slab was poured - 25 cm. Then a layer of lean concrete and 2 layers of asphalt. 

Typar geotextiles were used to increase the bearing capacity of the pavement structure.

On the roadway, 2 layers of crushed stone base were arranged, each 15 cm long. 3 layers of 8 cm and 6 cm coating and an upper five-centimeter layer of ЩМА-20.

Hatches were replaced, water wells were repaired.

Also, during the reconstruction, the pavement was replaced, tactile tiles were laid, new road signs were installed and road markings were applied.

During the repair work, 1167 sq.m. were repaired. roadbed. The width of the carriageway is 15 meters.

After the repair, the crossroads throughput increased 3 times.

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