Since March, the reconstruction of Sofievskaya Street has been continuously ongoing. First of all, almost completely worn-out engineering networks, tram tracks, road and pavement were dismantled.

Then began the laying of new communications.

On the section from Preobrazhenskaya Street to Lyapunov Lane, telephone networks and 3 gas pipeline branches were laid on both sides.  

The water supply is laid on the left side to the Torgovaya street. From Torgovaya to Konnaya, a heating main was laid in trays. 

Engineering communications are connected to the houses, new wells are equipped.

Currently, work is underway on the site from Preobrazhenskaya Street to the Market.

Borders are laid out, the construct is sprinkled, plates are laid. 

The total height of the construct is 73 cm.

In the center of the road, where the tram tracks will pass, the construct consists of the following layers: 15 cm of sand, 15 cm of schPs, 16 cm of concrete and 5 cm of asphalt. Over the asphalt to a thickness of 4 cm laid tram plates 18cm thick. 

The same height of the construct from the plates to the curbs. The first 15 cm layer of sand, then a 35 cm layer of crushed stone. And 3 layers of asphalt: coarse-grained, fine-grained and the upper layer of alkali.

In early September, we proceed to the construction of sidewalks. The coating will be of 2 types of tiles.

In parallel with the sidewalks, work will be underway on the construction of concrete foundations with embedded ones for the installation of lighting poles.

About 50 employees and 20 pieces of equipment of the Rostdorstroy company are involved in the work.

In the shortest possible time, we plan to finish work on the site to Torgovaya Street and resume the movement of vehicles.

We are always open for cooperation.
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